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Construction Striping

Construction Striping Services for the Commercial Industry

Construction projects involve a great deal of detail.  And because of that detail the contractor performing the work should have the necessary equipment, experience, expertise and manpower to perform the job in a timely manner while delivering the quality results you deserve.  At Jenspy, we have all the necessary pieces in place to meet most projects.  Our VP and estimator has many years experience dealing with the design/build community including working on such projects as the Springfield Interchange in Northern VA as well as customers like VDOT, Slurry Pavers, and Arlington County.  In doing so this gives us the ability to adapt to the needs of our clients and go above and beyond the expectations of our customers.  

We perform all aspects of construction striping which includes:

  1.  Eradication of Conflicting Lines
  2.  Installation of Temporary Markings
  3.  Final Striping

We have several thermoplastic trucks, long line paint trucks, and other equipment needed to deliver premium results.  We're well positioned to complete most jobs.  In addition, we understand the timely nature of construction projects and that's why they take priority in scheduling over other projects we do.  This is our commitment to you!

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