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Maintenance Striping

We help maintain your existing pavement markings!

Over time, existing pavement markings will eventually begin to dissipate and fade.  Routine maintenance is required to make  the markings fresh again.  At Jenspy, our maintenance striping services consist of recapping existing markings, as well as laying down new markings on freshly paved roads. The lines are updated to enhance safety to the traveling public. 

Our years of experience serving the commercial set us aside from other contractors.  Our employees are well versed in every application and do the job right the first time to your complete satisfaction.  No matter the condition of the road, the job is done right and on time to make it look brand new again. 

How good are we at what we do?  VDOT has entrusted us with their maintenance contracts for many years. 

Our motto is simple:  "We can make old asphalt look presentable until it's time to replace."

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